I Want That On A T-Shirt.


okay so what if grantaire loves christmas season. like LOVES christmas. like, throughout november and december, all he listens to is christmas music and he loves putting up christmas trees and buying ornaments and putting up lights

but like enjolras moans and groans about how our capitalistic…


Joly meeting Bossuet at the ER. Bossuet coming back at least once a week with new bruises, cuts or broken bones.
Joly seeing him with Musichetta now and then and thinking that it’s her who’s causing Bossuet the injuries.
One day Chetta takes Bossuet to the ER herself because he fell down their…


Things to think about that’ll make you happy:

  • Enjolras having a beautiful laugh that he’s learnt not to hold back at meetings.
  • Grantaire with paint all over his face because he fell into a fresh canvas and then came straight to the Musain to tell the others about it.
  • Combeferre with a moth…


Enjolras and Grantaire going to the beach and Enjolras trying to stand there and talk about the poetic beauty in the ocean’s constant force and how that’s what a revolution must be in order to sustain itself and Grantaire just comes up behind him and pushes him off the pier into the water and laughs hysterically


I’m like Icarus whose wings melted before he could fuck the sun.
Grantaire, Book IV (via incorrectlesmisquotes)
I’m here, I’m queer, get me a beer.
Grantaire, at some point, probably (via ehjoly)
Probably During the Deleted Scenes
I am agog,
I am aghast.
Damn does Enjolras have a nice ass


Enjolras runs a study session at the musain and Grantaire comes with no work and Enj is like “Grantaire this is a study session you can’t be here without studying”

So the next study session Grantaire comes in like

and courfeyrac high-fives him